The best bus ever

The best bus ever
Jason Sievers' awesome Art in Transit bus

Monday, June 04, 2007

Final May stats

I rode the bus only 15 times in May - my lowest monthly total this year. I had a bad spring cold and allergies much of the month, coupled with a demanding new work assignment, all of which which kept me closer to home.

I didn't drive much in May, either, but I did wind up buying gas twice. I filled up last Wednesday (at $3.189 a gallon) for a trip this past weekend to the Magic Valley, on which I logged 277 miles. So I'll be buying gas again soon, but I hope to make THAT last until a camping trip the last week of this month. As of the end of May, I'd driven 1,466 miles so far in 2007. Not bad.

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nl said...

Be glad you aren't paying what we are in Seattle. Gas is much more spendy here. However I didn't fill up at all last month. Hey does the bus that goes from Nampa to Boise have a paper schedule that can be picked up someplace? Does anyone take it? I am trying to get my mom to use it but unfortunately she can't use it all the time, because she works some Sundays. How reliable is the service? Are there seats by the time it gets to the Idaho Center?