The best bus ever

The best bus ever
Jason Sievers' awesome Art in Transit bus

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Back soon. Really.

I'm finally done with my summer travels, which involved a sublime week in which I didn't get in my car at all in mid-July, followed by a week in ferry-full British Columbia, then a business trip on which I made full use of Chicago's fine CTA, then another biz trip on which I experienced the full force of this summer's screwy air travel. (I spent seven hours at O'Hare last Wednesday on what was supposed to be an hour layover, but I've heard of far worse.)

Now that I am home for good, more or less, I went to buy a one-year pass at Valley Ride yesterday. Denied again - but they sold me 12 one-month passes for the price of an annual one, so I can't complain. Word is that Valley Ride may be phasing out the annual passes. I think it's still possible to get one, but only when the right person is in the office at a certain phase of the moon, I guess.

I'll be back on the blog on a bit more regular basis pretty soon.


Bikeboy said...

Great minds think alike, Julie!

I took a little jaunt to British Columbia, as well. My transportation choice was very deliberate, but probably not as responsible as yours; I went to enjoy some days of motorcycle riding. A report, and photos, can be seen HERE.

I took the ferry to and from the island - great experience! (I was worried sick that I might be one of the suspicious-looking characters the FBI is looking for... thank goodness it's not me!)

Since I spent most of my time in rural BC, I didn't notice the many public transportation options... but I did notice that cycling (bicycling) seems much more culturally-ingrained up that way.

ANYBODY can make do without a car. It's just a matter of choosing to do so.

Nickin206 said...

Julie, glad to see you back in action. BC being close to Seattle means I get up there quite a bit. My favorite route is taking the 33 bus from my apartment to King Street Station and hopping on Amtrack to BC! Great views of the Puget Sound, San Juans, Whidbey, and Whatcom County (Bellingham area). From there Vancouver has good transit options. A mix of bus and rail provide easy ways around Vancouver.

In response to Bikeboy's comment, I don't know if the FBI alert was for BC ferries that you are talking about, but the Washington State Ferries also had an FBI alert on two passengers that were suspicious. I took the Bainbridge Island ferry this weekend, I didn't see them. I guess they were taking pictures of doorways and asking wierd question of the workings of the ferry. Scarry, considering 1000's of people use the ferry system to get to/from Seattle to the Olympic Peninsula and Bainbridge. I felt as always very safe on the ferry! Plus coming back from gambling at 1am provides the best view of downtown Seattle in the night! And I was up $2 from the casino!