The best bus ever

The best bus ever
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Friday, December 14, 2007

Passing judgment, again

Boy, Valley Ride sure doesn't make it easy to help the needy during the holidays.

I picked a card off the Giving Tree on the Grove in downtown Boise, on which the Women's and Children's Alliance specifies needs for their clients who are facing family crises. My card requested adult bus passes, youth bus passes, and umbrellas.

It's easy enough to buy adult bus passes in downtown Boise, where they are available at Boise City Hall and Winco. But if you're looking for a youth bus pass? You need to drive to Valley Ride's Meridian HQ. As I've reported in the past, a trip to Meridian is also necessary for those of us who want to buy long-term bus passes.
Why can't Valley Ride sell youth passes at Boise City Hall - at least during the holidays, when the WCA is requesting them?


Bikeboy said...

Julie, Mayor Bieter talks the talk... see if he'll walk the walk. I'd recommend you call the Mayor's Hotline and leave a message to that effect. See if he can grease the wheels.

(I'm in total agreement - it's ridiculous that would-be bus passengers can't get every type of pass option in downtown Boise.)

carole0003 said...

Bus passes of all types should AT LEAST be available at the city hall of each town that is served by the bus, don't you think, like other metro areas? They should also be available in a few popular places like a big grocery store for convenience, somewhere along the line of the bus to get two and fro.
And: this good website needs more free, non-commercial advertising of its website --like on the inside of busses! Seriously, other cities have them.

carole0003 said...

I meant to agree with bikeboy that bus passes should be available in downtown too.

carole0003 said...

I meant to very much agree with bikeboy that bus passes should be available somewhere convenient in downtown too.