The best bus ever

The best bus ever
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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Transit update: no update

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! I wish I could report that the Idaho Legislature is getting ready to consider a bill offering communities the chance to fund local transit projects. But six weeks into the session, the House Rev & Tax Committee has yet to take up the issue.

Addressing a group of Ada County Democrats this week, state Rep. Nicole LeFavour said that Republican leadership continues to argue that the Idaho Constituion must be amended to allow local option taxation authority - a process that would require a two-thirds vote from the House and Senate to get on the ballot. So far, they've successfully used this stalling tactic to keep the local option issue off the legislature's radar - so it's up to citizens to help press the issue by contacting our legislators and letting them know we support the ability of people to vote on whether or not to fund local projects including transit and roads.

Of course, it's especially important for people who live outside of Boise to make this case, particularly to members of the House Revenue & Taxation Committee. So if you live in any of the Rev & Tax members' districts noted below, call or email them and encourage them to consider local option legislation before this session ends. Make it clear that you believe we do NOT need to amend the Idaho Constitution to grant communities this authority.

If you live in Boise, please do NOT write the legislators - but do all you can to help find friends and family members elsewhere in the state who will.

District 2

Representative Dick Harwood
81527 Hwy. 3 S., St. Maries, 83861
Home (208) 245-4446

District 3

Representative Jim Clark
8798 N. Clarkview Pl., Hayden Lake, 83835
Home (208) 772-5992 Bus (208) 772-5992 FAX (208) 772-7718

Representative Phil Hart
4430 E. Sarah Loop, Athol, 83801
Home (208) 683-0456 Bus (208) 772-2522

District 8

Representative Ken A. Roberts
12765 Hwy 55, Donnelly, 83615
Home (208)325-8351 Bus (208) 325-8351 FAX (208)325-8351

District 12

Representative Gary E. Collins
2019 E. Massachusetts, Nampa, 83686
Home (208) 466-5460 Bus (208) 466-4787

Representative Robert E. Schaefer
P.O. Box 55, Nampa, 83653
Home (208) 466-3636 Bus (208) 466-3636

District 14

Representative Mike Moyle
480 N. Plummer Rd., Star, 83669
Home (208) 286-7842 Bus (208) 286-7842

District 27

Representative Scott Bedke
P.O. Box 89, Oakley, 83346
Home (208) 862-3619 FAX (208) 862-3688

District 34

Representative Dell Raybould
3215 N. 2000 W., Rexburg, 83440
Home (208) 356-6837 Bus (208) 356-6837

District 35

Representative JoAn Wood
3778 E. 500 N., Rigby, 83442
Home (208) 745-7846 FAX (208) 745-8420

Representative Lenore Barrett
(208) 879-2797

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