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The best bus ever
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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Depot Vision meeting Wednesday

Add this to the list of upcoming events of interest to transit fans:

On Wednesday (April 23), the City of Boise will hold a Depot Vision meeting to discuss future and potential uses of Boise's historic train depot. The meeting is set from 4 to 6 p.m. right at the Depot.

I live in the Depot Bench Neighborhood (albeit a mile from the old station, and far from the nearby neighbors who aren't thrilled by the idea of a light rail station in their back yard). Here's an email I just sent to my neighborhood association president:

I know that many of the neighbors near the Depot do not want it to become a transit stop, mainly because of parking and traffic concerns. I understand those concerns, but I continue to wonder whether - if we can ever manage to get light rail in the Treasure Valley - the Depot could still fill its historic mission by planners diverting parking

For example, perhaps a park-and-ride lot and/or garage could be built nearby on Vista, Rose Hill, or Federal Way, within easy walking distance of the Depot but away from the residential area. Most people could walk from there to the station, but a shuttle bus or trolley could help those who can't. Similarly, a designated shuttle bus or trolley could carry people from downtown and BSU to the Depot (though Valley Ride's Vista
route is already doing this; a trolley right to the Depot's door would
probably prove more attractive to reluctant transit riders).

Of course, there are many people already living within an easy walk or bike ride to the depot, and I continue to believe that our neighborhood is a natural for the sort of transit-oriented development that's been such a boon for cities like Portland and Dallas.

What do you think? Make your voice known this Wednesday.

P.S. Happy Earth Day!

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