The best bus ever

The best bus ever
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Friday, May 30, 2008

High gas prices = more bus routes?

There's a story on the Statesman website saying that they're "looking into adding more rural and express routes" to accommodate demand.

But - not in Boise. In Pocatello (population 51,466). And a run between Montpelier (population 2498) and Bear Lake.

It's reasonable to assume there would be a similar increase in demand in the Boise metro area. In fact, ridership on the Caldwell-Boise bus is up 40 percent, mostly as a result of spiraling fuel prices. But there's no funding for more routes in this area, and the "visionaries" (/sarcasm) in the Idaho Legislature - at least last year's model - were unwilling to provide more latitude.

It would be interesting to know how they fund their transit in Pocatello. I'm confident it's not 100% funded by the ridership; public transit doesn't work that way anywhere, far as I know.

Maybe $4 gas has even the people in Kuna and Eagle and Meridian and Star weighing their transportation options, and coming to a realization that there aren't many. And maybe they'll ask their elected "representatives" for some leadership in the next session. One can only hope.


gail said...

hi! stumbled upon your blog, while looking for transportation options in boise. we are in twin and moving to boise this summer. hubby is visually impaired so no driving for him. he's going to BSU and we're looking into ways for him to bike, ride bus or walk to school so not to be so dependent on me. we've also talked aobut biking more as a family to events or i could see us riding the bus. we can't afford the $4 gas prices, like alot of people.

i'm glad to find your blog and i'll be checking back regularly. keep up the good work.

Julie Fanselow said...


My best advice to you would be to be sure you move as close to central Boise as possible. The transit here is pretty pathetic (and I say that having moved here myself from Twin, where it was nonexistent), but at least there are SOME options if you live within a few miles of downtown, near a major artery.

I live in the Vista-Overland area, less than a mile from the BSU campus via Protest Road and two miles from downtown. It's more affordable than the North End; there are plenty of stores within walking distance; and it's served by TWO bus lines.

You'll want to avoid far southeast Boise (the Micron area) and Meridian, neither of which have much service at all.

Bikeboy (who wrote the post ... thanks, Bikeboy) may disagree with me, but I'd wager that biking off the Greenbelt would be a little dicey for a visually impaired person here in Boise.

Finally, plan on walking or biking for evening events, because most of our buses do not run after 6 p.m.!

All this said, Boise is a wonderful place to live, and I am sure you will enjoy it here. We moved here four years ago after 15 years in Twin, and we haven't regretted it at all (though I miss the canyon sometimes).

gail said...

thanks julie, for all the advice. we were thinking if we could find a place close to the green belt, hubby could ride over and hop on th green belt and ride to bsu. yes, i haven't been in favor of alot of street riding for hubby, but he's convinced he has just enough eye sight to do it--ugh!

hubby wrote a paper on the lack of transit in twin for one of his classes. it is so pathetic here. and it could be much better. not sure why the powers that be can't see the advantages to a good transit system for the community.

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