The best bus ever

The best bus ever
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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bus stop signs going up

I got back from vacation and found that the Valley Ride bus stop signs are going up around Boise. The Idaho Statesman reported this week that the work of marking 725 stops along 14 routes is about half done. In the same story, VRT spokesman Mark Carnopis makes the point that the signs and occasional shelters - not benches - mark bus stops.

It looks like my one regular route, the #3 Vista, has been fully marked, while the #29 Overland has not been. What are you seeing? Do the stops seem to be in logical places? Are you happy with the locations? Valley Ride has more info and a list of proposed stops on its website.


Bikeboy said...

Julie - they put signs up on the Roosevelt (#4) route, which is my home route.

Looks like the new designated stop is maybe 1/8 mile farther from my house, than my traditional "flag-down" stop.

Apparently ValleyRide feels the pluses of the stop system outweigh the minuses. They're the experts, but I believe I'm correct when I say, as a rule, the farther people have to walk at either end to ride a bus, the less likely they will be to choose that option.

Julie Fanselow said...

Thanks, Bikeboy. It looks like most stops are about two to three blocks apart. I think Valley Ride is counting on the fixed stops to help the routes run a little faster.

I've noticed on the State Street route that buses often stop almost every block or so. That's just way too inefficient, especially on a longer route. So this should help. Hopefully, people won't mind walking another block to catch a bus, especially if the buses run on time.