The best bus ever

The best bus ever
Jason Sievers' awesome Art in Transit bus

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fill-up free February?

My final stats for January: 25 bus trips on five different routes (Park Center, Broadway, Vista, Warm Springs, Overland). Next month, I want to take at least two routes I haven't been on before.

I filled my Chevy Cavalier's not-quite-empty gas tank the other day for the first time in three weeks. Now I'm challenging myself to make it to March without refueling again. It seems doable since this is a short month and I'll be out of town without my car for about five days.

Maybe people will use transit more if, like me, they find ways to make a game out of it. (That, or if gas climbs back to $3 a gallon.) What's the longest time you've ever gone between fill-ups?


danielo said...

I started riding a bike daily (with occasional bus trips) in July of 2006 after my Saturn's engine went sour. The car still sits in my garage, unfixed, and ungassed, 8 months later. I have spent more money on bicycling that it would have cost to fix the car.

BTW, "THE" car is deliberate, as opposed to "MY" car. As I've learned to live without it, the car has been withdrawn from the pantheon of things that matter to me, or seem connected to my life. That's an incredible sense of freedom, and I now find the thought of ever fixing the car to be frightening.

Julie in Boise said...

danielo, thanks for visiting and for posting your comments.

I am curious: How can you spend more on bicycling than you would on a major car repair? Did you buy one of Lance Armstrong's used bikes?!

I like how you refer to "the car." For too many of us, our identities are wrapped up with our vehicles. Your detachment seems healthy!